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A Message From Pastor Chris


Harriet Ann Jacobs is credited with saying “the beautiful Spring came; and when nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.” I like that saying. I realized the truth of it, personally, last week. When I was able to pull the motorcycle out and go trout fishing, there was renewed vigor in my spirit. I could see spring on the horizon. Yes, I realize it is Wyoming and we will probably still see snow in the next two months. However, it was nice to get a “taste of hope.” I also realize that as a Christian, I always have hope. My hope is not rooted in the weather, it is rooted in an empty tomb. That should be the true realization of every Christian, not just in the spring!


This spring, we look forward to many neat opportunities and privileges. As we slowly come out of this COVID culture, by some degree, we have some items “springing” up on our church calendar. We have the privilege of electing additional deacons. I have seen deacons grow a church, even in the absence of a pastor. When these men fill their office, in a biblical manner of obedience, it is amazing to see the Holy Spirit honor that. I am excited about this and trust you are as well. Please be in prayer that it will be obvious to all of our members who these men are to be and that they will lead us in the future generations to come.


Spring is coming. You can count on it. However, even if it were not, Christ has come and is coming again. That you can count on. Therein lies the hope of a Christian.